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CIU Library Continues to Grow

Gülten Sala Lay, the Library Director and Library Club Advisor of Cyprus International University (CIU) stated that they created "English Corner" in the library for international students and they further enriched the library.

Gülten Sala Lay, the Director of the Library stated that English books are available at different levels as poetry, story, novel and essay at the English Corner.

Gülten Sala Lay said the number of students, who borrow books from the library, increased with the creation of the English Corner and she added that people who lives around the island and especially from Nicosia show interest to the English Corner.

Gülten Sala Lay mentioned that business life and technology develop rapidly everyday and life conditions forced the libraries to adapt themselves. She said that "Knowing a foreign language makes people stand out in their career and education life. For this reason, English Corner is making a significant contribution to language learning and development of the students."

Lay, CIU Library Director and Library Club Advisor said that they are active as a library and they organize projects and activities and she said "We have transformed our library into a place where students use the library not only at the time of examination but they also use it actively." Lay advised university students to make use of the books in the library to help them become readers, writers, producers and inquisitors.

Gülten Sala Lay pointed out that libraries become the centre of social life nowadays and she stated that the library has more than 22 databases, 70 thousand prints and more than 140 electronic resources and serves the users 7 days a week.

Last updated: 18-07-2018