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CIU Lecturer Suggested Solutions That Can Work Against Health Problems Faced As A Result Of Desk Job

Özge Özalp, Lecturer of the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Health Sciences, Cyprus International University (CIU) suggested solutions that could be made against the health problems caused as a result of sitting for a long time at work.

Özge Özalp, Lecturer of CIU emphasized that the increase in the use of computers in the employees results in the increase of health problems related to the long-term use. Özalp noted that the musculoskeletal system diseases increased due to sitting long periods at work. She added the importance of the necessity of short intervals of rest in an inadequate working process. Özalp noted that injuries are observed in the arm, leg, neck, back, joint, cartilage, bone and vein at the individuals who are exposed to repeated stresses in the work environment.

Özge Özalp also stressed that especially the sedentary life and stress employees who sit most of the time at work, cause loss of job and economic loss while affecting quality of life. Özalp emphasized that by only correcting the sitting style and paying attention to the ergonomic recommendations, a serious reduction in the pain could be created. Özalp explained that this can be a great contribution to speed up the healing process.

Lecturer Özalp suggested that the sitting position should be changed frequently, that the feet should be in contact with each other and that there should be a right angle between the back leg and the knee in order to be more active in the workplace. She added that at the same time the stairs should be used instead of the elevator during the day. Özalp pointed out that it would be very useful to have short walks between the lunches or to go up and down the stairs at the breaks.

Last updated: 02-03-2018