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CIU Launched an Electronic Signature Application

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Erbuğ Çelebi, the General Secretary of the Cyprus International University (CIU) stated that the electronic signature is a method of confirming whether any electronic data or document has been changed or not electronically and he announced that CIU received an electronic signature license from Denizler Bilişim Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti. with the contract signed with them. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erbuğ Çelebi emphasized the risk of forgery in documents made with the wet signature and he mentioned that the electronic signature for the university is very important and useful at this point.

Çelebi said students request documents such as student certificates or military within the scope of their needs and he added that the workload for students and staff of the CIU will be reduced through this system.

Çelebi said the electronic signature license is installed to the CIU Registrar’s Office automation system and he stated that students can now get the documents they need, approved by an electronic signature without going to the Registrar’s Office. Çelebi stated that the first step was taken to be able to bring it to an effect and he also added that this information was given to the TRNC Prime Ministry and all the Ministries.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erbuğ Çelebi stated that the decision to implement electronic signatures would be useful especially at customs gates and he said "as students pass through customs gates, it will be easier to identify that the student certificates are original".

Çelebi said “With the application of electronic signature, they will now be able to query the documents of the students at the customs gates with the internet address we will provide them".

Last updated: 09-05-2018