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CIU Instructor’s books about designing was published

CIU Instructor’s books about designing was published

CIU, Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, department of Interior Design instructor Assist. Prof Dr. İnanç Işıl Yıldırım’s book ‘ Yatlarda İç Mekan Tasarımı ve Algısı’ was published.


The book was prepared with the contribution of Turkish Iloyd’s. It was published by Yem Publishing which has many publications on Architecture, interior Design, engineering, urban development and design, industrial product design, landscape design, archeology, culture and art subject.

He stated that nowadays yatch are identified as floating architecture type and he indicated some important points that had to be taken into consideration while designing interior of the yatches. In his study, he worked on the effects of space perception on physical elements that are used. He emphasized this perception and the behavioral relations of people with the sea perception.

The differences between yatch production and designing performance are huge.

Assist, Prof. Dr. İnanç Işıl Yıldırım cited that 3 sides of Turkey is surrounded by sea and due to this the yatch sector made a huge progress. He said that Turkey is rank 3 in the world on the yatch sector and present situation of production and designing progress had a very huge differences between each other. Settling the deficit of designing on yatch designing sector, new designers have been trained but in this area, academic studies and finding reliable sources are insufficient.

He mentioned that he evaluated the schematic factors of the structures’ interior design in terms of the expectations of the consumer and the satisfaction of the spatial. This enlightened his study in terms of space perception, the expectation of the comsumers and the satisfaction of the spatial. He also cited that in his book, not only physical information were included, ownership and intimacy subjects were included as well.

He expressed that in general, the obtained data in relation to satisfaction level, the different standards within the living spaces of land structures, the floating structures with changing physical environment and the spaces in water display the necessity of studying these in their own characteristics and phychological perspective.    

He also added that he used some photos, shapes, tables and some sample drawings of yatch designing in order to provide awarness in relation to the effects of the sea in terms of designing yatch, the process of designing and programming the floating structure that had the same function.

Last updated: 09-02-2017