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The CIU Instructor emphasized on Energy Saving

Assist. Prof. Dr. Neyre Tekbıyık Ersoy,who is the instructor of Energy Systems Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering at Cyprus International University (CIU), had an explanation about ‘’ The Energy Saving Week’’.  Assist. Prof. Dr. Neyre Tekbıyık Ersoy, who indicated that the energy saving week is celebrated on the second week of January in every year, said that she has the aim of raising the awareness of community about the energy saving during this week. Ersoy, emphasized that the energy saving is a requirement rather that a preference and said that today, the level of development of a country is measured by how much energy it consumes and how much energy it produces, that is measured by low energy density. The instructor Ersoy , who gave an information about the energy density represents the amount of primary energy consumed per Gayri Safi Yurtiçi Hasıla, said ‘’ The fact that our energy intensity is higher than another country means that we live and produce more expensive than that country.’’

Assist. Prof. Dr. Neyre Tekbıyık Ersoy, who underlines that the needs for energy are increasing day by day in Northern Cyprus, noted that the reasons for this increase could be regarded as increasing in population and industrialization. The instructor Ersoy, emphasized that energy efficiency which is effectively applied in an environment where energy consumption is high will reduce the energy intensity and will contribute not only to consumers but also to producers. Assist. Prof. Dr. Neyre Tekbıyık Ersoy, who explains the reason is that the new investments required to meet the increased energy need become unnecessary due to energy saving, said ‘’ A certain reduction in the amount of total consumption will ensure that the existing system is adequate which would make the new investments for capacity increase relatively unnecessary.’’

Ersoy, who said that there are things to be careful to save energy in heating and cooling, emphasized that for energy saving: roof and wall insulation, preference for double glazing in windows, insulation sponges to prevent heat losses in doors and windows, use of plastic tape or gasket, keeping the curtains / shutters closed at night, in summer, these curtains / shutters must be kept closed, the air conditioner must be closed when the room is not used for a long time.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Neyre Tekbıyık Ersoy,who is the instructor of Energy Systems Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering, mentioned about the requirements to save energy in electricity and transportation. Ersoy, said that energy saving lamps consume up to 80 percent less energy than normal lamps to save energy in electricity, that old lamps should be replaced by such lamps and lighting fittings should be placed in such a way as to make the most of light. Ersoy, who underlines the necessity of ensuring energy saving in transport, said that ‘’ Speed limits must be obeyed and fuel consumption must be reduced, sudden braking and gas usage should be avoided, the windows should be kept closed during driving, and public transport, cycling or walking should be preferred over short distances.’’

Last updated: 01-02-2017