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CIU Informs Students about Academic Research Ethics

An “Academic Research Ethics“ activity was organized by the Department of Psychology and the Turkish Language and Literature Department of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Cyprus International University (CIU) to inform students about academic writing rules and research ethics.

In this event, Assist. Prof. Dr. Manolya Çalışır, Faculty Member of the Psychology Department, Faculty of Psychology, made a speech in English which was delivered simultaneously in Turkish by faculty member Ecem Sarper.  Çalışır pointed out that within the scope of research, participants should be given information on the aim of the study to consent, the duration of the study, and the physical or psychological risks of the study. Çalışır, who mentioned the necessity of written permission being taken from participants during audio or video recordings, stated that the consent form must be signed as the result of the participant accepting the terms and the study can start.

Çalışır said deliberate brain damage in the scope of a study, such as separating children from parents, results in permanent and irreversible effects on the participant. Ecem Sarper mentioned the rules that must be followed while conducting academic studies and shared information about citation and referencing when writing academic texts. Sarper pointed out the importance of showing references, use of resources correctly, and she said the interpretation of expression used in studies can eliminate the possibility of plagiarism and thus a more original work can be carried out.

At the end of her speech, Ecem Sarper summarized the rules that should be followed in studies in which data is collected from people and non-human creatures and it is necessary to obtain the necessary permission from the country where animal participants are located; she pointed out that the processes of their maintenance before, during, and after research are of great importance.

Last updated: 18-01-2019