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CIU hosts famous lawyer Prof. Dr..h.c. Gábor Hamza

The Faculty of Law, Cyprus International University (CIU), organized a conference on “The Legalization of Private Law in Europe and Harmonization of Law”. 

Prof. Dr. Çağlar Özel, Dean of the Faculty of Law, who made the opening speech, mentioned the concepts of law and harmonization in general. At the meeting, Prof. Dr. h.c. Gábor Hamza, who was the winner of Hungarian State Order of Merit, was the main speaker. He has been awarded with many prizes about his comparative studies on Roman law, civil law, European Union law and the Eastern Europe law legal systems, including that of Turkey. Hamza was awarded the TÜBA International Academy Award in the Social Sciences and Humanities category in 2017 due to his historical law and comparative law studies on Turkey-Hungary. 

Hamza mentioned the basic principles of power sharing in his speech and he said the EU has not got only a single concept of authority, member states have certain powers to give up their sovereign rights. Hamza also pointed out that EU member states should avoid conflict of authority and should use the shared powers in co-ordination with the EU institutions. Hamza stated that Codification movements are not just for the European Union, it is an important goal and project for Turkey and the TRNC. 

Hamza stated that the initiative was left to the member states completely and the sovereign states had the authority to regulate national law and the EU gave countries the chance to use their sovereignty rights in certain matters. Hamza stated that the traditions shape the law and he said Turkey picked up the reception method from Switzerland and adapted it to its domestic law in Turkish Civil Law.

Hamza mentioned that the legalization movements of EU countries should be realized with common goals and methods within the framework of common interests. He said that the point where the common method meets the different traditional approaches of the Roman law direct European law.

In his speech, Hamza mentioned the traditional approach of Roman Law and he pointed out the importance of creating a union by modernizing the arrangements of different countries within the framework of common interests.

In the question and answer part of the conference, which had intense participation, the impact of Brexit (the separation of the UK from the European Union) on European law and the harmonization of the law was the subject of intense consideration among the speakers and participants.

Last updated: 10-01-2019