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CIU Hosts Famous Actor Korkmaz Polat

An interview was held with Korkmaz Polat, who is a famous actor, presenter and voice actor, by the students of the CIU Theater Club, affiliated to the Social Activities Coordinator of the Student Development and Counseling Center (SDCD), Cyprus International University (CIU). 

Polat stated that he enjoyed being with the theater team and university students, who were the target audience in the organization, and he said that it was important and gratifying that students ask questions about the theater and cinema.

Polat said that the profession is directly proportional to popular culture. He said "Acting is a difficult process, but it is essential to envisage this process, to believe in yourself, to trust yourself, to fill itself, to constantly renew yourself and most importantly it is necessary to be patient."
Polat mentioned that there is always an opportunity for this process and he said that people should create their own opportunities.

Polat stated that digital media is a grace and he said “It is important to get feyz without emulation, but we can do different things without the same things” and he said that by doing original work, more lasting effects can be done.

Polat stated that he enjoys from cinema, theater, music, and philosophy and he said life and suffering nourish people and people are nourished by pain.

Today's theater has  minimal thinking. Polat recalled that in the past, there was a crowded audience but now it is held with fewer people. He suggested that people who want to progress in the theater and who can not reach the point they want should keep their expectations high and should put their foot down firmly. 

Last updated: 10-01-2019