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Cyprus International University (CIU) is hosting “Career Days and Fair” which will be held between May 2-4.
An opening ceremony of the event will be held at 9.00 o’clock in Çevik Uraz Conference Hall. During the three days of the sessions with different topics, the students will have a chance to meet with industry representatives.

More than 20 companies will take place
Career doctor Ahmet Veli Olgundeniz will give a seminar on the first day of the event on Monday about “How should we develop ourselves on the way to Career Path?”
Then, CIU Department of Psychology lecturer Asst . Prof. Dr. Semih Füsun Akdag Aycibin will give information to the students about CV(curriculum vitae) preparation techniques. In this all day-long events, Vodafone Human Resources Senior expert İnci Moreket will make a presentation on “Interviewing Techniques” .
Media proprietors meeting at CIU
Cyprus newspaper executive editor Süleyman Ergüçlü , Havadis newspaper General Manager and executive editor Başaran Düzgün and Hasan Hastürer who is still working in Cyprus Newspaper as a journalist will attend an interview about “conversation on career”.
Last speaker of the first day HP Turkey General Manager Filiz Akdede will handle the subject “Careers in Technology ” .
Professional career issue will be discussed
The second day of the career days and fair, the lecturer of nursing department in Selahaddin Eyyubi Üniversitesi Prof.dr Rukiye Pınar Bölüktaş, , Cyprus Turkish Medical Association President Dr. Filiz Besim and Kolan British Hospital head doctor Op. Dr. Harun Gülmez will give a conference on “Today’s Most Important Career Field : Health “.
Then the President of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Architects Türker Aktaç , the founder of the Erönen Architecture Yücem Erönem and Mars Architects Firm Partner Cem Yücel will examine “Career in Architecture”topic.
“Career in Psychology “, ” Career in Engineering “and “Career in Law ” seminars will be held within the context of career days and fair events.

CIU will host Erman Toroğlu
Last session of the second day the former referee and the commentor of “A sport” tv program Erman Toroğlu, Fotomaç newspaper sports writer Turgay Demir, Turkish Cyprus Sports Writers Association Former President Ogün Kaçmaz will give a conversation on “New Career Field : Conversation on sport”

Last day of the career days and fair events ,”meeting with the companies” events will be finished in CIU Arena after the conversation of “Our graduates express”.


Last updated: 02-08-2016