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CIU Hosted Turkey Bar Association President Metin Feyzioğlu

Cyprus International University (CIU) hosted Turkey bar association president Prof. Dr. Metin Feyzioğlu, within the scope of Faculty of Law 2016-2017 academic year opening. Feyzioğlu has talked about “Law and Democracy” with the students.

Rector Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, Cyprus Turkish Bar Association president Ünver Bedevi, Faculty of Law lecturers and students attended the event which was held at Çevik Uraz conference hall.

Özel: Law education is a long process

Prof. Dr. Çağlar Özel, the dean of faculty of law, made the opening speech of the conference and introduced the lecturers of the faculty of law to the new students. Özel also congratulated the students by means of their right choices and he also stated that law education is a long process and at the end of this process students will be fair people and guiding people for the public.

Bedevi: We aim to be members of the independent law

Ünver Bedevi, Cyprus Turkish Bar Association president, talked about the characteristic and prestige of law education, and lawyer inflation. Bedevi advised the old and new students to learn law in the correct way and he added that, as bar association, they involve closely with the teaching staff and education programs of the faculties of law. Bedevi said “justice comes before everything. We aim to be members of the independent law. I would like to thank to law community and CIU lecturers, and I wish success to the students”.

Nadiri: CIU is the higher education institution that encourages and supports research mostly in this area

Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, the Rector of Cyprus International University, expressed that they provide education to nearly fifteen thousand students from one hundred different countries in a multicultural environment. Nadiri stated that education, research and development, and serving the public are the three main missions of universities and he stressed that CIU is one of the leader education institutions in this area. Prof. Dr. Nadiri added that the vision of CIU is giving quality education in international standards and he said CIU is the higher education institution that encourages and supports research mostly in this area. Nadiri advised the law students to be fair and conscientious in their careers after graduating and wished beneficial academic year to everybody. 

Feyzioglu: North Cyprus is not a juvenile country. It is a country

Prof. Dr. Metin Feyzioglu, Turkey Bar Association president, stated that Cyprus is having important days and he said that being in Cyprus and experiencing this process is a privilege. He added that the experiences that will be gained in Cyprus will give ideas for negotiations and he said “North Cyprus is not a foster-land(outlying territory). It is a country. With this approach, North Cyprus will have new experiences. We have a lot of things to learn from here”.

Metin Feyzioglu expressed that “law” and “state of law” concepts cannot be dissociated from democracy and he underlined that in a place, where there is no law, democracy is beside the point. Prof. Dr. Metin Feyzioglu also added that different thoughts, religious sects and approaches are only possible to stay together with the superiority of law. He stated that the only thing that connects 79 million people in Turkey is justice.

“The reality of truth comes out with the collision of words”

Turkey Bar Association president Prof. Dr. Metin Feyzioglu stressed that the history of criminal court is also the history of democracy and he added that criminal court and administrative court are the only places that rights and freedom are implemented. He stated that colliding words is the only way to distinguish guilty and innocent and said “the only place to collide words is a court. The reality of truth comes out with the collision of words”. 

Last updated: 13-10-2016