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CIU hosted a Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. Nevzad Denerel

Nevzad Denerel met students with his “Healthy Life” presentation on the occassion of the 3rd Career Days and Fair Event, Cyprus International University (CIU). 

Nevzad Denerel stated the importance of sports in human life and shared his own career development and experiences with the students. Dr. Denerel gave students information about sports activities needed for healthy life and he stated that sports do not take place at a sufficient level in human life with developing technology today.

Dr. Denerel mentioned that it is not enough to take care of only the football player as a sports physician and he emphasized the importance of keeping the motivation at a high level and he added that families health should be taken care of at the same level.

Denerel stated that society perceives sports medicine as an athlete's injury and dealing with injuries and he added that "Sports medicine should be dealt with in a much broader way".

Sports Medicine Specialist Denerel stated that as a doctor he is always in the center of attention and he added that the manager-footballer-journalist-coaches and his health team must be kept in balance.

Denerel pointed out that sports physicians is the first person that is approached in any negative situation and he said "It is inevitable to become the weakest link."

Dr. Nevzad Denerel stated  that being from the  the sport provides him  an advantage and he  stated that he was one step ahead in situations such as communication with sportsmen and understanding them at a proper level.

The event, held at the CIU Çevik Uraz Centre Conference Hall ended with the presentation of a plaque by Prof. Dr. Sekan Abbasoğlu, the Vice Rector to Nevzad Denerel.

Last updated: 16-05-2018