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CIU hosted Necip Tosun, A Story, Novel and Essay Writer

Necip Tosun, a story, novel and essay writer met students at "Literature and Life" event organized by the Department of Social Sciences and Turkish Education, the Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University.

Prof. Dr. Muhittin Tuş, The Dean of the Faculty of Education, CIU and Necip Tosun, a story, novel and essay writer, who were the speakers at the event, conveyed students the importance of reading books.

Necip Tosun, a writer, pointed out the importance of reading the eastern classics as well as the western classics to the students of CIU. Tosun emphasized that Turkish masterpieces should also be read without making any ideological difference and he added that when making a book selection, the quality should be considered more than a popularity. In his speech Tosun, shared with the participants the perspective of the literary genre, the way of understanding and how he perceived literature and he emphasized the importance of different perspectives and approaches.

Prof. Dr. Muhittin Tuş, the Dean of the Faculty of Education, CIU mentioned that the conference "Literature and Life" was organized for the purpose of creating awareness among the students and he added that literature is in fact the life itself.

For the students who participated in the event, Tuş explained the importance of improving themselves in the field of literature and he added that theatre players view the world as a stage and literature is the written form of the stage.

Last updated: 12-04-2018