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CIU hosted Marziye İlhan, the Director of the Swiss Academy

Marziye İlhan was hosted by the Business Administration Department, School of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Cyprus International University (CIU) on the occasion of the "Stress Management in Business" activity.

Marziye İlhan, the Director of the Swiss Academy stated that the ability to cope with stress is related to the competence of the manager at business place and she said first time and after that goals should be determined well.

Marziye İlhan said that the superior-subordinate relationship should be fair and this should happen by an efficient communication model. She stated that the manager who ensures this cycle is a role model and should always offer solution-oriented suggestions.

İlhan pointed out that stress management is about taking responsibility and she stated that the reactions given in the case of stress is changeable from person to person.

Marziye İlhan pointed out that first it is important to identify the habits and behaviours that cause stress and change the unhealthy coping strategies with the healthy ones, keep moving, communicate with others and she finally emphasized the importance of having a healthy stabilized lifestyle.

Dr. Ayşen Berberoğlu, Lecturer of the Business Administration Department said that it is necessary to motivate the employees in order to be able to compete and to exist in the rapidly developing and changing business world and it is essential to motivate employees and she said it is the aim of the conference to find out the questions to be asked to identify ways of motivating employees.

Berberoğlu pointed out that the stress faced at business environment directly affects the motivation of the employees, and she stated that stress management and methods have great importance in business.

Last updated: 11-05-2018