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CIU Graduate, Ece Türk, spoke about her career life after graduation

A seminar titled “Post-graduation Career Life” with Ece Türk, a CIU Graduate from Industrial Engineering Program, was held with the purpose of giving information about professional careers to the programs students. 

Ece Türk, a Project Manager and Technical Account Manager of Asaş Filter Factory, gave information about the most important features demanded by managers in business life by informing the students about her knowledge and experiences. 

“Employers want their employees to be strong, problem-solvers, friendly with people, strong communication skills and to be aware of given subjects technically and theoretically,” Türk said. Türk pointed out that students should give an importance to internships.

“With the help of the good human relations you may established during an internship, with the experience and knowledge you have acquired, you can catch up on the opportunities” she said.

Last updated: 09-05-2019