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CIU Gives “TRNC Traffic Orientation Training” to Newly Registered Students

The Psychological Counselling and Guidance Centre (PCGC) of Cyprus International University (CIU) organized a “TRNC Traffic Orientation Training” event to enable newly registered students to adapt to the TRNC traffic within the framework of Student Orientation Days, which started with the new semester student registrations.

Nesil Garanti Özön, a professional Traffic Trainer, who was a speaker at the Traffic Orientation Training, reminded students that traffic in the TRNC flows on the left as well as explaining other traffic rules to the new students and giving information about the traffic rules that should be followed in order to prevent accidents.

In this training seminar, Özön stated that responsibility should be taken to increase traffic and road safety, saying that the use of telephones in traffic and especially alcohol consumption causes many losses. Özön stated that in these cases, cars should not be used and she said that wearing a safety belt is vital. She further stated that speed limits should not be exceeded and in certain areas of the country there are radars in order to prevent accidents.

Last updated: 30-10-2018