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CIU folklore/literature journal has entered into new universal indexes

Folklore/literature, which is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal of Cyprus International University (CIU), is listed in 33 scientific indexes and databases in Turkey and in the world.

Prof. Dr. Metin Karadağ, editor of the journal and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of CIU, explained that they have increased the number of indexes to 33 from 5 one year ago due to the changes they have made. He mentioned that work on more on more elite indexes continues. He also added that they believe that folklore/literature journal will be a scientific leader in the near future.

Karadağ said there is an intense interest in the journal from academics in Turkey and he stated that articles from abroad have also started coming and he added that there is a rapid increase in the impact factor of the journal.

Karadağ said the articles, in the 95th edition of the journal and its internet site, are listed in Index Copernicus, AcademicIndex, CiteFactor; WorldCat, WorldWideScience, Scilit, Gold Rush, Humanities and the Social Sciences, which are the world's important and reputable databases, so that it contributes to the promotion and reputation of higher education in the TRNC in a universal sense.

Last updated: 03-10-2018