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Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Law Vice-Dean Dr. Şölen Külhaç has published a book about the biobanking legal and ethical issues placed in a partnership.

Kulhaç had participated in Turkey “The Biobanking Legak and Ethical Issues” by the additive of the Turkey’s ministery development, Vice-Dean Dr. Aslihan Öztezel and Vice-Dean Dr. Feyza Nur Tuncer both prepared a book titled “Biobanking Ethic and Legal Regulations guide” has been published in Medicine Bookstore, Istanbul.

In this book, as this subject is the first feature in Turkey, while the biobanking studies has been compared with ethic and legal problems.

“The aim of the data roots being gathered and kept in human studies.”


According to Külhaç, the subject of the aim of the study, the roots of humanity datas are collected and being kept ethic and law problems have been seen. Especially within these datas being used. Külhaç has underlined the difficulties of who has what kind of difficulties with which data. Külhaç has also focused on the subject of that who ever gives the right for the examination of a part from their body could be analyzed in this data. Vice-Dean Dr. Külhaç says, from this point, especially small and limited tissue and it is important to get permission for this data measurements to be examined. At first this data examination going to be held, then the view of the data would be needed in order to do a further examination. Şölen Külhaç has added to herr speech that during this examination, it is breach and ethic legally by getting permissiom from this person.

“The Biographic samples in the Biobanking should be kept for a long time.”

The biologic samples should be kept for a long time in the biobanking because according to the biobanking illness has to be examined systematically privately and within these samples the datas and the information places of these data measurements should be collected. In this biobanking; human tissues, organs, serum, plasma, pee, saliva, DNA, RNA, protein, cells and other biologic samples should be kept for some time for the process of the examinations.


Last updated: 01-02-2017