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CIU Faculty of Dentistry has opened

Cyprus International University (CIU) continues to meet the needs of the health sector by training professional.

The Faculty of Dentistry, which was approved by the Higher Education Planning, Supervision, Accreditation and Coordination Board (YÖDAK), is starting to accept new students.

Prof. Dr. Zühtü Haluk Keskin, the founding Dean of Faculty of Dentistry, stated that the aim of the faculty is to implement scientific research and developmental activities by presenting advanced diagnosis and treatment methods on  subjects related to the oral health of the society and students.

Keskin explained that students would receive practical training in the Oral and Dental Health Research and Application Center in the university, during the 4th and 5th years of education. He stated that the program will be in Turkish and English.

Prof. Dr. Keskin said “To contribute to the training of health personnel, there is a cooperation with the Faculty of Dentistry of CIU and other faculties, institutes, colleges, practice and research center’s and national and international institutions to increase  the efficiency in this field.”

Keskin said they aim to bring society’s dental health to the top level in line with the requirements of the era by education based on respecting patients' rights, needs and expectations, providing quality healthcare services, and following modern hospital management principles.

Keskin stated that they provide academic support by preparing the necessary conditions for students to carry out scientific research and applications and they aim to contribute to health policies by developing projects for raising public awareness about oral and dental health.

Prof. Dr. Keskin also mentioned that in addition to conventional dentistry education at the Faculty of Dentistry of CIU, digital dental education will be given. They aim to ensure that students are brought into the workforce as contemporary and modern dentists.

Last updated: 08-06-2019