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CIU Faculty of Communication had a panel on "Communication with EU"

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CIU Faculty of Communication had a panel on "Communication with EU"

CIU Faculty of Communication,Department of Advertising and Public Relations held a panel on "Communication with EU"

EU Information Center Project Manager , Communication Specialist Pembe Mentesh and Executive of Information Center Derya Tangül joined as the speakers of the panel which was held in Cevik Uraz Conference Room.


Tangul: " We are ready to give every kind of information"

EU Executive of Information Center Derya Tangul gave information about what they had done as the Information Center. Tangul stated the aim of the EU Information Center,which was established in April 2015, as getting Turkish Cypriot Society closer to EU.  Stating that every year they organize a variety of activities to provide information, Tangul said that these activities are  environmental cleaning,security in traffic and  social responsibility projects. Tangul stated that as EU Information Center it is also included in this portal to promote European Youth Portal and gain volunteerism,internship and business opportunity,ability of global thinking and creativity. Stating that the head office is in Nicosia,Tangul put: " Anyone can visit our office and we are ready to give any information about EU."

Mentesh: ‘‘European youth activity, the most significant event organized by the EU’’

"This event is the most significant event organized by the EU for young journalists, with a special emphasis on European youth media days," said Pembe Mentesh, communications specialist and EU information center project team leader with more than 20 years of experience in media and project management. The event is open to citizens of EU member states and all young journalists who are legally resident. "

Speaking of the communication of the European Commission, Mentesh said that the responsibility of this commission is to present the European Union policies to the public in general. Mentesh, a communications specialist, said he was among the tasks of the commission to inform people about trends and political developments in the public and to coordinate communication activities within the public. '' The European Commission also communicates with citizens in other political and public affairs, and helps citizens learn all about the EU, '' he said.

Last updated: 09-01-2017