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CIU English Language Teaching Department Organizes Panel on the Importance of Literary Works in Community Life

A panel was organized on the functionality of ‘windows and mirrors’ that help the individual to recognize the outside world in literary works by the School of Foreign Languages and English Language Teaching Programme of the Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University.

At the panel on “Windows and Mirrors: Literary Perception and Structuring”, where the session chair was Prof. Jim Vincent, Lecturer of the Faculty of Education, presentations were made by Postgraduate students of English Language Teaching Department.

The presentations examined the literary movements and criticism and discussed the contribution of these movements to intercultural communication. The presenters pointed out the importance of the place of literature in community life and they also discussed the importance of language teaching with technology. 

Vincent gave information about the purpose of the “Windows and Mirrors: Literary Perception and Structuring” panel, and he stated that  literary works function as mirrors and windows; windows help to see the outside and recognize the people around the individual. He said that mirrors are introspective and they symbolize the culture in the community and enable the individual to know themself.

Vincent stated that students need to learn about others to get to know themselves better and it is important that they should be aware of their position in the world. He pointed out that literature illuminates societies and he said students can develop a perspective towards themselves and society through literary works. In addition, he mentioned that literature is important for the life of the community.

Last updated: 08-02-2019