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Cyprus International University (CIU) Health Sciences Faculty, the head of Physiotherapy and rehabilitation department Asst. Prof Özge Çakır made an explanation about “The World Inetrnational Day Of People With Disabilities”

Head of Physiotherapy and rehabilitation department Asst. Prof Özge Çakır defined people with disabilities as humans who are in need of protection, care, rehabilitation, counseling, and support services who have difficulties in adapting to social life and meeting their daily needs with loss of innate or later physical, mental, mental, sensory and social skills at various levels.

“According to the latest records of the number of people with disabilities in North Cyprus reached 5188.”Çakır mentioned that, fifteen percent of the world’s population have various disabilities. According to the results of 2011 population and housing survey in Turkey; at least one of the functions of sight, hearing, speech, walking, climbing up stairs is very difficult or Asst. Prof. Dr. Çakır is telling, the number of people who can not do at all is 4 million 882 thousand 841, in Turkey, 6.6 percent of the total population in 2011 was at least one disability. Özge Çakır also shared this knowledge that the number of people with disabilities in North Cyprus reached to 5,188 according to the last records.

Asst. Prof. Dr., who mentioned that the date of 3 december was accepted as “The International day of people with disabilities by the United Nation in oreder to draw attention to the problems of disabled people and to be able to produce solutions to those people, expressed that more than one billion people in the world live with any kind of disability and about 200 million of these people have difficulty to resume their lives. Çakır underlined that, cardiovascular diseases, chronic health problems such as cancer and mental health disorders are increasing globally, the increase in the number of aging societies is parallel to the increase in the number of disabled people. Özge Çakır emphasized enable people with disabilities to live in society, the transfer of disability from institutions and the importance of providing support and assistance within their communities.


“Keeping the empathy ability in the front will remove the obstacles”

  Faculty of Health Sciences Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department Assistant Professor Doctor Özge Çakır indivcate that, develop special programs and services for people with disabilities such as adopting a national obstacle strategy and action plan, would reduce the difficulties of people with disabilities in their lives. By developing the awareness and awareness of the community against people with disabilities, it is important to note that the barriers of integrating into daily life are very important for the “Keeping in the forefront to support empathy, will eliminate barriers living conditions” said Çakır.


Last updated: 08-12-2016