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Cyprus International University Dance Club performed at the Dance Festival held at the Salamis Bay Conti Hotel. A student of the English language teaching department Ezgi Can expressed that the club took part in the international Salamis Dance Festival with Hip Hop, Latin and Heels crews. Ezgi Can underlined that taking part in such an international event brought them closer to their goals as the Dance Club.

Age is not an obstacle for dancing 

Ezgi Can who is the President of Cypriot International University Dance Club expressed that participating in the event was both entertaining and didactic. They danced and showed how to dance to people from all ages.

Can mentioned that they have a few projects to develop CIU Dance Club, "Everything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and want it. Age is never an obstacle for dancing, “she said. Ezgi Can explained that some club members danced for the first time on stage or danced and this made them proud of it.


Last updated: 06-04-2017