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  ‘Creative Writing Ceremony’ which is performed first time at North Cyprus with the collaboration of Cyprus International University Constant Education Centre (UKÜSEM) and the faculty of Arts and Science is completed with the closure ceremony.

The closure ceremony which is carried out at Çevik Uraz Conference Hall started with the visual presentation which was on display of studio studies, with the classical music concert of Zehra Bayraktar Durak who is the artist of Presidency Symphony Orchestra. The activity which is attracted intensive care by the students, the academicians and the public opinion, is held on with the speech of Assistant Professor Doctor Mihrican Aylanç who is the director of the studio.

Aylanç: Creative writing enables the improvement of imagination.

Ass. Prof. Dr. Aylanç, who said that creative writing enables the improvement of imagination was emphasized that, dreaming in private life and career life help us to improve innovator and creative ideas and dreaming is the key to solve problems. The director of studio, Aylanç, told that ‘In North Cyprus, we live the honour and excitement of regulation for the first time, fort hat reason, we opened  the studio with Cypriot writer-poet Mehmet Yalçın, Prof. Dr. Aysu Erden who is reputable from this range, then Prof. Dr. Oktay Taftalı, the poet-translator-editor Nurduran Duman and Academician-Poet Türkan Yeşilyurt concluded with the series of seminars.

Nadiri:With these certificates you would contribute at career life.


Rector Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri who spoke at the Closure Ceremony of ‘Creative Writing Studio’, emphasized that these certificates would contribute to career life. Nadiri, who told community service should be allowed as well as the research-development, education-training which are formed the three basis missions of universities, expressed that this activity had a place within the community service. Finally Prof. Dr. Nadiri, told that ‘ I would like to thank you and congratulate those students who attended the programme, those who included apart from the university and those who contributed efforts.

Rector prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Adalıer, Dean of Arts and Science Prof. Dr. Metin Karadağ and the director of studio Ass. Prof. Dr. Mihrican Aylanç presented the certificates to the participants. The presentation of participants’ studies’ examples is carried out, after presenting the certificates.

At the end of the certificate programme ‘Creative Writing Studio’ which was educated by the competent academicians and researchers within the creative authorship from North Cyprus and Turkey, as well as poets and writers, university approved certificates were given to the participants.


Last updated: 18-07-2016