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CIU Continues to Expand the Scope of Private Library Membership for People with Disabilities

The scope of the institutional membership agreement between the Cyprus International University (CIU) Library Directorate and Boğaziçi University Visually Impaired Technology and Education Laboratory (GETEM) continues to expand. Within the scope of the membership, access to the collection of 6,602 Braille printed books, 14,875 audio books, 578 audio magazines, 444 audio explanations (motion pictures), 972 voice lessons and 225 audio theater plays is provided.

Gülten Sala Lay, the Director of the CIU Library, stated that the Visual Library for the Visually Impaired, Technology and Education Laboratory (GETEM) aims to provide access to information resources for visually impaired people. Sala Lay also stated that in addition to the visually impaired individuals, the project also includes other disabled people (paralyzed, dyslexia) who could not benefit from printed sources.

Sala Lay said the library mostly has Turkish and English sources. She also stated that in addition to the stories, novels and poems, there are also books at all levels that are used at educational institutions, articles, lecture notes, and also conference recordings and scientific articles and books. Sala Lay said “In addition to these, the GETEM catalog contains many different content items such as radio theaters, mp3 versions of audio-visual films, voice computer, and smart device narratives.’’ 

Members of the GETEM Library can access all the works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day from any place that has a phone or the internet. In addition to the students of CIU, members of the Turkish Cypriot Association for the Visually Impaired and the Association for the Solidarity of the Handicapped also can have access.

Sala Lay stated that they aim to provide the best service to their users at the Library Directorate and she said they will continue to add new resources to the printed and electronic collection.

Last updated: 13-03-2019