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CIU Computer Science Club Informs its Students

An information meeting was held by the Computer Science Club, affiliated to the Social Activities Coordinator of the Student Development and Counselling Center, Cyprus International University (CIU).

Assist. Prof. Dr. Devrim Seral, Head of the Department of Computer Engineering, announced that the Computer Science Club was established to organize seminars, technical visits, and other social activities that would be useful for the IT-related programs within the university. Seral provided information about the activities to be organized during the semester and she pointed out that participation of the students in such activities will directly contribute to both their individual and professional lives.

Emre Tüfekçi, Computer Science Club President, stated in his speech that there were two objectives in the organization of the event. Tüfekçi said as a Computer Science Club they aimed to meet with the students and learn their expectations so that the club activities are organized in that direction. Tüfekçi also gave information about the platforms, where students can learn the club membership criteria, club activities, and announcements.


Last updated: 08-01-2019