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“Vocation promotion and career days”, which was organized by Cyprus International University (CIU) North Cyprus Promotion Office, has finished. To the first day of the activity, which lasted for 3 days, İskele Business High School, Namık Kemal High School, Bülent Ecevit Anatolian High School and Bekir Paşa High School students attended. On the second day, Levent Collage, Akdoğan Polatpaşa High School, Haspolat vocational High School, Değirmenlik High School and Erenköy high School students attended. On the last day of “Vocation promotion and career days”, Cumhuriyet High School, Anadolu Fine Arts School, Anafartalar High School, Cengiz Topel Industrial Vocational School and Lefke Gazi High School students attended.

Nearly one thousand students attended the “Vocation promotion and career days” with their counsellors and they toured the campus. They also came together with the academicians in CIU Arena and they got information about vocation promotion and career choice subjects. The students emphasized that CIU has a high quality of English education programs and also contentful social activities.  They stated that CIU will be their first choice for their higher education.

A memorable photo was taken

High school students toured the university and they took a photo with the school mascot “Fox”. They also watched the dance show of CIU dance group.


They both had fun and got information

In the context of “Vocation promotion and career days”, high school students got information from expert lecturers in CIU Arena about their future jobs and careers. Their counsellors stated that getting information about professional fields is very beneficial and important for the students and they also thanked to CIU for this organisation.

Telsim Vodafone adorned the activity

On the “Vocation promotion and career days”, which was organized by North Cyprus Promotion Office, Telsim Vodafone organized a memory competition.  The competition lasted for 3 days and the first winners got Q10 Blackberry mobile phone, the second winners got Telsim youth package and the third winners got 5 GB internet package.

At the end of the competition, the students who won Blackberry Q10 phone are listed below:

The winner of the first day: Tuğba Çanku (Gazimagusa Business high School)

The winner of the second day: Ebru Kahraman (Polatpaşa High School)

The winner of the third day: Ateş Erzen (Anadolu Fine Arts School)


Last updated: 15-07-2016