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CIU Celebrated The Independence Day of Morocco

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CIU Celebrated The Independence Day of Morocco


Students  guidance and counselling center celebrated the 60th independence day of Morocco at CIU.  Moroccan students staged a play which involves art, sport, socioeconomic structure and culture of their country. Participants loved Moroccan tea which was served during the event. 

  Students learn about each other's cultures through Independence Day events "

Speaking at the event of Independence Day in Morocco, Vice Rector Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Adalıer congratulated Moroccan students and also stated that students who came from many different countries of the world have gained a more knowledgeable, more culturally oriented education process by participating in such events. Bearing in mind that Morocco is a developing country, Adalıer thanked the one’s who took part in the organization of the event. Fatma Salhane, former Moroccan Students' Community Chairman, said that Moroccan Independence Day was quite successful, educational and fun.

Throughout the demonstrations, students who attented the event had a chance to learn about the rich Moroccan cultures by watching their traditional costumes and dance performances as well as enjoying Moroccan special couscous and Moroccan tea. In the highly enthusiastic night, the CIU Moroccan students gathered great appreciation for the successful promotion of their country. At the end of Morocco's 60th Independence Day event, the students sang songs from Moroccan music.



Last updated: 02-12-2016