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Cyprus International University (CIU) celebrated Zimbabwe’s 37th Independence with different types of activities. These celebrations took place in the Çevik Uraz conferance Hall. Besides the Zimbabwe students from many other national students had joined and showed great interest to these celebration activities.

The celebration first started of with Zimbabure’s national anthem and it continued with their local musical dance shows. The Rector of CIU Prof Dr. Halil Nadiri had been founded with some explanations as following the celebration. Nadiri, in his speech focused on the importance of having them the Zimbabwe students at the university. The education that they are receiving in this university would be an important additive and their being would be a great reputation to CIU’s future development. Prof. Dr. Nadiri thanked them for inviting him to celebrate their independence day and also thanked the ones who had organized these celebration activities.

Rector Halil Nadiri at the end of his speech with the Zimbabwe students, he cut a cake. The Zimbabwe independence day along great interest it ended with colourful photographs, national dances and songs.


Last updated: 26-09-2017