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CIU Business Club became a member of "Turkey Business and Career Clubs Association"

The Business Club, under the umbrella of the Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, became a member of the "3K Turkish Business and Career Clubs Association". Faculty Dean Deputy and Business Club Advisor Prof. Dr. Hasret Balcıoğlu and President of Business Club Hilal Dursun announced that the club is a member of the 3K Turkish Business and Career Clubs Association.


       Hasret Balcıoglu said that Cyprus International University Business Club has been actively organizing events since 2007 and added that the Business Club will be under such a framework and will have a stronger structure in the field of business in terms of communication network.

What is 3IK?

            Hasret Balcıoğlu said that 3IK was founded by the student clubs of respected universities in Istanbul on 28 February 2009. As of 2017, 3IK has actively orginizing events in 7 regions and 55 cities of Turkey and contains more than one hundred universities, 350 business and career clubs within itself. 3IK enables clubs not only to organize events, competitions, focus group work but also gets  students and companies together to organize events.

Last updated: 01-02-2017