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CIU Arena is ready to Meet Sports Fans in the New Academic Year

Tarkan Kayaş, the Sports Coordinator of Cyprus International University explained that the CIU Arena, which was opened in 2010, is the first and only integrated sports complex of the TRNC with the ability to keep all the sports fields in its possession.

Kayaş provided information about the services offered by the CIU Arena and he stated that it is an ideal sports centre for people who want to do healthy and conscious sports and who want to stay fit.

Tarkan Kayaş, the Sports Coordinator stated that people at the CIU Arena could develop their bodies in the spinning studios or if desired, in a fitness room consisting of professional cardio equipment that can be done on hand.

Tarkan Kayaş mentioned that there are table tennis and aerobic-pilates studios, indoor-outdoor climbing wall, shooting range, squash halls and a semi-Olympic heated swimming pool with 8 lanes which has a 1,750 audience capacity indoor.

Kayaş stated that the facility is not only limited to indoors, there are also open areas and he said there are 2 carpet fields, 2 basketball fields, 2 volleyball fields, 2 tennis courts, beach handball, beach volleyball and beach soccer courts.

Kayaş recalled that it is enjoyable to do sports in the clean and sunny climate of Cyprus and he stated that students can get rid if the stress of the day at the CIU Arena both in summer and winter.

Tarkan Kayaş said analysis of the body is done by the CIU Arena nutrition experts and he stated that personalized nutrition programs are prepared as a result of the analysis.

Tarkan Kayaş, the Sports Coordinator of the CIU Arena pointed out that individual sports programme suitable for the sports branch that the individual is interested in and suitable for him/her is formulated by a private sport instructor.

Last updated: 25-09-2018