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CIU Arena Hosts Junior High School Handball Championship

Cyprus International University (CIU) CIU Arena Sports Complex hosted the Junior High School Youth Handball Tournament organized by the TRNC Ministry of National Education and Culture, National Days, School Sports and Branch Activities Coordination Section.

In the final match held at the CIU Arena, Nicosia Turkish High School (LTL) won the championship in the girls' category, while in the young men’s category Anafartalar High School held on to the championship.

In the final match of the Young Girls Handball, Nicosia Turkish High School defeated Anafartalar High School 25-23 winning the cup. In the match between Anafartalar High School and Halasultan İlahiyat Koleji, Anafartalar High School were champions in the young men's category with a score of 36-25.

Tolga Kınacı, organizer of the tournament, stated that the CIU Sports Complex is a favorable facility for handball so they prefer to have the semi-final and final matches in the CIU Arena.

Tarkan Kayaş, CIU Arena Sports Coordinator, stated that this kind of organization will continue to be hosted and young athletes held their matches in a fascinating atmosphere in the field. Cemal Özyiğit, the TRNC National Education and Culture Minister, congratulated the champions at the end of the tournament and presented their medals and trophies.

Last updated: 18-01-2019