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CIU Arena Hosted ENKA Sports Club

Cyprus International University (CIU) hosted ENKA Sports Club instructors and athletes from Istanbul.

Tarkan Kayaş, Sports Co-odinator of the CIU Arena stated that they are pleased to host the ENKA athletes for the 3rd time and that the 16-year-old ENKA sports group, who stayed in the CIU dormitories, benefited from various services during their 8-day camp. Kayaş said that the athletes did practice in a fully-enclosed sports hall and in the most hygienic pool in Cyprus and he stated that all facilities are available at the CIU Sports Complex.

Örcün Toygun İşcan, Enka Swimming Club Branch Captain and Coach, mentioned they came to CIU for a preparation camp with a swimming team that had 13 athletes, including Interntional Turkish atheletes and also athletes who earned medals in Turkey.

Coach Toygun İşcan noted that they had already done training in the CIU Arena before and he mentioned that he knows the facility very well and the 8-span 25 meter pool is very convenient and ideal for training.

İşcan said the most suitable place to be prepared for the championship is the CIU Arena and they completed the preparation camp with a total of 14 training sessions by doing 6 sessions in a week as one on Sunday and two on the other days and he said they will continue their trainings at ENKA Sports Club facilities in İstinye, İstanbul.

Bahar Çalış, the team captain of Enka Swimming Club, said they had a demanding training camp process and this process would be useful for him to be able to swim successfully in championships in Turkey. Çalış stated that he liked the facility a lot and he added that he loved the food and the rooms.


Last updated: 26-09-2018