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CIU Arena Hosted Dilek Sabancı Mixed Football Project

CIU ARENA, Cyprus International University (CIU), hosted today’s TRNC region match of Dilek Sabancı mixed football project. The aim of the organisation, which was done in cooperation with ALGIM Special Education Centre, SOS Children Village and the Special Education Teacher Education Department, Faculty of Education, CIU, was social inclusion.

Omaç Ruştioğlu, Lecturer of the Special Education Teacher Education Department, Faculty of Education said they aimed to establish a social inclusion among all the sports people through the project. He added that "We are committed to support the development of sportive skills of the athletes, contribute to the on-site and off-site time-sharing, and create opportunities for them to be together in a social environment."

Lecturer Ruştioğlu said students, who registered for the ‘Internship Course’ at the Special Education Teacher Education Department and young participants from the SOS Children Village, will partner with special sports from the ALGIM Special Education Centre and he added 40 athletes will compete and experience a team spirit.

Last updated: 17-01-2018