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Cyprus International University (CIU) Animal Lovers Club attended Famagusta Recycling Event organized within the body of Famagusta Youth Centre (MAGEM), Green Peace Movement and Famagusta Walled City Association (MASDER).

“The income from the event is for our true friends”


The head of CIU Animal Lovers Club, Eda Zeybel, who is at the same time a student at the Department of Advertising and Public Relations of the Communication Faculty, mentioned that Altın Patiler Association and Kıbrıs Hayvan Hakları Derneği (Cyprus Animal Rights Association) attended the Recycling Event and also said that the event in question had been set under Green Peace Movement’s Cans of Hope Project and financed with the contributions of European Union. The Head of the Club, Eda Zeybel cited that the attendants there presented their projects about the environment as part of the project held within the area of Famagusta Walled City Association (MASDER) and underlined that these attendants at the same time organized a fair for animal rights. Zeybel mentioned that booths were set up at the event and the income of a booth opened by an association was taken by that association and added that “the income from the event will be spent for our true friends, animals.”


“Many thanks to all contributors”

At the Famagusta Recycling Event, the Head of the Club, Zeybel mentioned that with the contributions of Famagusta Youth Centre (MAGEM), CIU Animal Lovers Club made cottages for stray animals living outdoors and painted them with pleasure with the help of the club friends. The head of the Animal Lovers Club, Eda Zeybel underlined that the event had been stated with the slogan, “This World is of All” by Cyprus Animal Rights Association. Eda Zeybel who is the head of CIU Animal Lovers Club and at the same time a student at the Department of Advertising and Public Relations of the Communication Faculty said that as a support Famagusta Walled City Association (MASDER) provides necessary areas for the events about the environment and animal rights and expressed her pleasures about this issue by thanking to CIU family, MASDER and Animal Lovers Club Members for their contributions.

Last updated: 13-02-2017