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Cyrus International University(CIU) and United States of America’s University of Robert Morris signed an academic cooperation agreement.

The agreement includes researches and education between CIU AND RMU, the changing of instructor and student. The agreement was signed by CIU’s Rector Prof.Dr. Halil Nadiri and RMU’s Rector Prof.Dr. Christopher B.Howard.

Double major / Dual diploma possibilities are offered between CIU and RMU

The agreement between Cyprus International University (CIU) and  Robert Morris University (RMU) for academic cooperation in various field of studies aims to initiate collaboration in exchanging  lecturers and researchers for educational purposes, having collaborative work in lecture and research methods, exchanging students, conducting joint research studies, having joint symposium, organizing seminars and conferences, and also in sharing academic information and materials.


In the statement from Cyprus International University, according to the works which will be done by the institutions in line with the agreement, dual diploma programmes will be implemented as 3+1 or 2+2 methods. According to this, after completing the first 3 years in CIU, students will be able to continue their studies in RMU for the last year, or likewise

Students will be able to study the first 2 years in CIU and last 2 years in RMU.

Nadiri: This agreement is an important step to encourage higher education

Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, the rector of Cyprus International University,  stated that CIU had a new and an important step in line with the university vision with this agreement "internationalization". Rector Nadiri emphasized that  all academic collaborations contribute to the institutional development and the efficient use of resources. Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri also stated that, as CIU, it is an important part of the university vision to move the existing collaborative agreements further and to have more collaborative agreements with other reputable educational institutions for scientific and academic sharings.



Robert Morris University (RMU)

Robert Moris University is one of the old and well-known universities in the United States of America. Founded in Moon Township, Pennsylvania in 1921, the university draws attention with its modern infrastructure. The RMU graduates are in great demand due to the international accreditations that the university owns.

Last updated: 16-04-2018