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The Protocol between CIU and ITU TRNC Training and Research Campus yielded good results

Studies have been initiated within the scope of the academic cooperation protocol between Cyprus International University (CIU) and İstanbul Technical University TRNC Training and Research Campuses (ITU-TRNC). In order to strengthen the mutual cooperation and understanding of cooperation in all fields of education and training, a joint scientific study was conducted by the two academic members of the two institutions.

The learning styles, English levels and academic achievements of tourism students in higher education were examined by a collaborative study. A study on “Time lagged investigation of the effects of surface and deep learning styles on overall academic performance: Testing the mediating roles of English deficiency and English competency” was published in a book on "Research on Science and Art in 21st Century Turkey."

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Orhan Uludağ, The Director of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management, CIU and Turhan Uludağ, Lecturer of İTÜ-TRNC Educational and Research Campuses carried out Biggs' Learning Theory a step further in a frame of linear aggregate model by using a time lagged approach to data collection. According to the results obtained from the study, the blending of the inductive learning method with the English language level provides a high level of academic success.

In this context, the authors mentioned the importance of phenomenological research studies and indicated that two universities have a very high level of infrastructure and resources for future collaborations.

Last updated: 11-01-2018