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CIU Adds a New Project to its Social Responsibility Projects

The Library Directorate of Cyprus International University (CIU) added a new project to its social responsibility projects. Gülten Sala Lay, the CIU Library Manager and Library Club Advisor, stated that they started communication with different units of the university to re-cycle unused items and clothing and to send them to people who are in need.

Gulten Sala Lay, the Director of the Library and the Advisor of the Library Club of CIU said they started this kind of work to raise awareness and set up a resource, stating "We want our goods and clothes that we do not use anymore to be useful and help people."

Gülten Sala Lay stated that being supportive and sharing creates positive emotions in people, stating "with the positive feelings of sharing, in a short time, in addition to usable babys’, children’s, mens’, and womens’ clothes, we also collected toys for children."

Mrs Lay, the Director of the CIU Library, pointed out the importance of recycling unused items and clothing rather than throwing them away, stating that there are many non-governmental organizations in the country and unused items are transferred to the people who are in need.

Gülten Sala Lay mentioned that they put a signature for many social responsibility projects since 2006 together with the Library Club students, saying that in all the projects they started they adopted an approach to educate all  respectful individuals who are sensitive to the environment and she added that they will continue their work in the new academic semester.

Last updated: 13-08-2018