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CIU Academics Win Second Prize in the Best Research Category in Health

Lecturer Buse Erzeybek of the Department of Social Work and Batuhan Dericioğlu and Caniz Ersümer, lecturers of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department, Cyprus International University (CIU), were awarded second prize in the best research category at the 9th International Health and Hospital Management Congress.

The study presented at the 9th International Health and Hospital Management Congress, held in Antalya, examines the satisfaction of participants from health services aged 18 and over living in Northern Cyprus.

46% of the participants stated their satisfaction level of health services as 4 (Good) out of 5 and 44% as 3 (medium). In the study, 54.63% of the participants stated that they prefer to receive services from private health institutions while 55.36% of the service users considered the level of satisfaction as good. 68.15% of the participants stated that they went to the hospital in the most urgent or sick conditions and 46.15% said that their satisfaction was good.

The participants mentioned the main reasons for dissatisfaction with the services provided were the time allocated to patients in public institutions, the physical conditions of the institutions, hygiene, and limited medical equipment. According to the analysis of the resources reached during the study; the satisfaction of the patient is related to the satisfaction of the health care worker. First they should be satisfied. In this respect, the conclusion that was reached was that the conditions for health workers should be made appropriate.

Buse Erzeybek, Batuhan Dericioğlu, and Caniz Ersümer pointed out that social policies in the health field should be carried out in parallel with the world in order to ensure the satisfaction of the patients and the expected service quality. They emphasized that patients should be able to benefit from health insurance in the same way without any discrimination between the private and the public.

Last updated: 04-02-2019