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CIU Academics Start a Study on Antimicrobial Materials that Can Replace Paraben, which Increases the Risk of Cancer

Prof. Dr. Tanver Doganay and Assist. Prof. Dr. Tanem Garanti, Lecturers from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cyprus International University (CIU), initiated a natural organic substance detection study with antimicrobial effect instead of paraben, which is used especially in cosmetic products and increases the risk of cancer.

Prof. Dr. Doğanay and Assist. Prof. Dr. Garanti, who are working on a project on “Antimicrobial Substances that Can Be Used in the Presence of Paraben", aim to improve the potentially harmful effect of the substance during the natural organic substance identification process and to prevent the deterioration of cosmetic products in extraordinary conditions.

Prof. Dr. Tanver Doganay stated that the paraben is a chemical derivative of methyl, propyl, and butyl according to their chemical structures and this indicates that the products with paraben and paraben types are used in the cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical sectors for protection from harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, mold, and fungus.

Doğanay said that paraben and its derivatives were used extensively and effectively, and

she stated that "In recent years, it has been observed that these chemicals show similar effects on the human body to the estrogen hormone and this increases gene levels that can lead to cancer in cell and animal studies carried out in the laboratory environment in recent years".

Assist.  Prof. Dr. Tanem Garanti, one of the project advisors, pointed out that paraben and its derivatives, which increase the risk of cancer, were taken into consideration by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but there is still no restriction in their use.

Garanti mentioned that the primary objective of the project is to identify a natural organic substance with antimicrobial action that can be used in place of paraben, saying that the new substance or combination of substances which will be identified will be used to design a new drug and cosmetic formulations. She further said “we investigate both antimicrobial effects and these formulations for therapeutic properties”.

Last updated: 10-08-2018