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CIU Academic Wins Award With presentation: “Developing Disaster Awareness in Preschool Era”

Assist. Prof. Dr. Neslihan Koçer, Head of the Child Development Department, School of Health Sciences, Cyprus International University (CIU), won first prize in the best oral presentation branch at the 9th International Health and Hospital Management Congress.

Koçer explained in her presentation on “Development of Disaster Awareness in Pre-School Periods” that natural disasters affect people socially and psychologically, disrupt social relations and she said security problems, diseases and epidemic emerge.

Koçer said the elderly, women, and children are affected the most from these situations and she stated that the most obvious behavior of children in the preschool period is the abandonment of the people who are deprived of their disabilities and the goods after  disasters.
Koçer emphasized that parents should exhibit a calm, self-confident appearance during disasters and she said that the fear and stress reflected on the child after the disaster can increase the risk of psychological trauma in the child.

Koçer said that children react differently to disasters experienced depending on their age groups and she stated that babies are not directly affected by disasters yet as a result of their parents' anxious attitudes and behaviors babies feel nervous.

Koçer mentioned the need to be prepared for disaster and she said that children should be educated in this regard and they should be prepared for disasters, and they should be trained in how to be responsible for what they will do during disasters and to create this culture.

Koçer mentioned the importance of making up-to-date education plans in the pre-school period and she added that training programs based on learning objectives and achievements should be introduced to children regarding disasters through different activities and protection measures should be taken.

Last updated: 05-02-2019