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CIU Academic warns parents about specific learning difficulties

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Çağla Gür of the Preschool Teaching Department of Basic Education, Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University (CIU), drew attention to specific learning difficulties and gave advice to parents.

Gür said that there is no sensory, neurological, physical, spiritual, or cultural problem that can be associated with the difficulty of learning in the daily lives of children with specific learning difficulties. However, she said that in academic learning it is possible that they might have lower performance compared to their peers.

Gür said the specific learning difficulty is around 5% and she said that this disorder is more common in boys than girls. Gür recalled that learning disabilities can cause social and emotional problems, therefore, the child may have difficulties in social skills. Gür stated that specific learning difficulties are divided into three groups: namely reading disorder (Dyslexia), written expression disorder (Dysgraphia), and mathematical disorder (Dyscalculia).

Gür asserted that these difficulties emerged at the primary school age, saying that one of these difficulties can be found in children or more than one can be seen. Gür said that the symptoms observed in children may vary according to the level of difficulty they experienced, therefore, the support to be applied to these children should be different on a case to case basis. Gür said that the absence of adequate support from the child's family will result in self-confidence problems, anxiety disorders, and depression, saying "This situation develops outside the child's desire, so constantly judging, criticizing, or displaying negative attitudes such as comparison with other children will hurt."

Last updated: 23-11-2018