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A CIU Academic Warned about School Equipments that are Harmful to Health

Assist. Prof Dr Ayşe Tansu Tunçbilek, the Coordinator of the Industrial Engineering Program of Cyprus International University (CIU) and at the same time an expert of Occupational Health and Safety pointed out the importance of the products to be selected for the stationery for the children who will start school in the new academic year.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Tansu Tunçbilek stated that there should be at least one of the TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) and CE marking on the product to be preferred and she said it should be suitable for the "EN 71-1 (conformity of mechanical and physical properties), EN 71-2, EN 71-3 (heavy metals used within the specified limits) and EN 71-9 (having organic constituents) norms."

Tunçbilek said that stationery products with a dense smell may cause allergic reactions and she stated that it is important not to take plasticized nutrition bags and water bottles containing intense paint odor. Assist. Prof. Dr. Tunçbilek said that it is very important that reliable brands should be preferred for products that are likely to be brought into the mouth of the children such as finger prints and game dough used by smaller age groups. Tunçbilek said products that its brand, address and production place is not known "should definitely not to be preferred".

Tunçbilek also said that the selection of bags should be made according to the physical characteristics of the child and she stated that it is important to have a waist strap in addition to the hangers that can be adjusted according to the height of the child.

Tunçbilek suggested that the inner eye of the bag should have equal proportions and it should be in a suitable structure so that the weight will be balanced by an equal amount and it will be appropriate ergonomically. Tunçbilek remarked the usefulness of the school bags with barrow and she said that they could be an option to relax our children.

Last updated: 12-09-2018