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CIU Academic touches upon the Development of Social Skills and Emotions of Children with Mental Impairment

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Avcıoğlu, Faculty Member of the Special Needs Education Department, Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University, stated that family and community education play a big role in the social skills and emotional development of children with mental disabilities.

Avcıoğlu stated that children with intellectual disabilities have problems with social skills and emotional development, adding that learning social skills and positive behaviour traits is difficult for these children. Avcıoğlu mentioned that the biggest difficulty that may arise in these children is to have some difficulties due to the mental deficiencies. Avcıoğlu noted that the environment in which the child first becomes social and develops their social skills is the family environment. He said having family members that are happy, loving, and connected to each other positively affects the social development of children with mental disabilities.

Avcıoğlu stated that parents can help their children's development by playing games with their children and he warned parents to be a model for their children at home and to offer good examples for guidance. Avcıoğlu pointed out that when parents spend time with their children, they should reinforce positive behaviour traits of their children, adding that families should provide immediate feedback. He further said that the biggest obstacles in the participation of children with mental disabilities to social life are negative attitudes and behaviour directed at them. Avcıoğlu emphasized that these children should be educated in social circles and society should be educated in social circles. He pointed out that these children are only different individuals and they can take part in social life if they have the opportunity to have the appropriate education.

Last updated: 30-10-2018