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CIU Academic Suggests Considering Some Issues such as Lifestyle before Diagnosing Children with Academic and Social Problems

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Çağla Gür, Lecturer of the Preschool Teaching Department of the Basic Education, Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University (CIU), warned that academic and social problems in school for some children suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, specific learning disabilities, autism, spectrum disorder, etc. were diagnosed without doing all the necessary examinations and tests.

Gür  emphasized the importance of considering the lifestyle of the child before the diagnosis was made and she said that the irregular sleep hours or the consumption of dried and processed food have negative consequences. 

She stated that such negative habits should be improved gradually in children and she emphasized the importance of getting expert support to make the process more effective.

Gür pointed out that a number of examinations and investigations can be made to get informatıon about the metabolism of the child. She said “for example, vitamin D deficiency negatively affects the development of the child.”

Gür warned that children should not be given vitamins randomly without the advice of a doctor. She also emphasized that children’s iron deficiency and faecal parasite control should be done.

Gür reminded us that adenoid, visual impairment, and hearing problems can affect success at school and sometimes without these conditions being determined in the child, the diagnosis can be done.

Gür also stated that if a special child needs special education, the education and adaptation process will be supported in a positive way when he/she gets the essential treatment.

Last updated: 11-12-2018