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CIU Academic Stresses the Importance of the Preparation Day for Disaster Education

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tolgay Karanfiller, Member of the Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University (CIU), said November 12th is celebrated as Disaster Education Preparatory Day in the TRNC every year and it will be celebrated this year as well. He stated that information about ways to take measures against disasters will be given.

Karanfiller said disaster is expressed as an unexpected, unwanted natural disaster and he stated that it causes physical, financial and social losses. Karanfiller mentioned that disasters disrupt the daily work of the people and therefore affect society, adding that they can also be defined as natural, technological, or man-made events.

Karanfiller expressed that society taking measures against disasters will strengthen individual behavior and he said in a disaster it will not be possible to survive with the current facilities. Karanfiller provided information about the aim of the Disaster Education Preparatory Program. He said that the basic approach is to warn firstly the students and after that the society about the dangers that may arise from natural and non-natural disasters. Karanfiller pointed out ways of minimizing material and moral damage during disasters, saying that they teach how to prevent or mitigate the negative effects by considering the possibility of potential dangers.

Last updated: 19-11-2018