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CIU Academic Stresses the Importance of Creating the Love of Reading in Children

Assist. Prof. Dr. Elif Bozcan, Faculty Member of the Department of Early Childhood Education, Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University (CIU), touched upon the importance of the World Children's Book Week and said that this week's general aim is to create love and awareness of reading in children.

Bozcan stated that publications for children today include children's literature products, children’s magazines, television broadcasts, children's pages on the internet, and computer games, saying said that certain principles and rules should be found in the content, form, language, and expression in children's publications. Bozcan said that in this regard bookstores should be responsibile and she said “Parents and teachers should also be sensitive about this and children's characteristics should be considered in the selection of children's books.”

Bozcan noted that families should find ways to bring children together with books and she said “Local libraries can be visited, book cafes can be discovered, bookstores can be visited with children, and books can be selected according to the age of the children, and book reading corners or libraries can be created at home. Bozcan also stated that the time of reading books at home could be determined and books are the best gift for children.

Bozcan said people who love reading have a positive approach towards nature and life. Bozcan stated that future generations should read to be educated from the right sources.

Last updated: 27-11-2018