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CIU Academic Says Modern Anaesthesia Science has been developed through Modern Anaesthesia Methods

Dr. Sevgi Sezenler, a Specialist of the Vocational School of Health Sciences Anaesthesia Associate Degree Program, Cyprus International University (CIU), gave information about the development of the science of anaesthesia at the meeting held due to the World Anaesthesia Day , noting with the change occurring in modern anaesthesia methods over the years.

Dr. Sezenler said no aesthetic drug or aesthetic gas had been discovered before 1846 and patients used to have painful operations. Dr. Sezenler said in those years where the belief that pain could be relieved was lacking, young doctors entered into research with the belief that science would produce solutions. Sezenler said doctors accelerated their research after an operation on the leg of a young person, who had a serious injury and had no pain on the leg during the operation due to consuming ether. Sezenler said Dr. Warren, along with the dentist Morton, applied the first ether anaesthesia on October 16th, 1846, and removed a tumour from the patient's neck during a painless and successful surgery, stating that this first ether anaesthesia application was recorded in the history as "Ether Day/Anaesthesia Day".

Sezenler stated that the opportunity to use the most suitable option for the patient with new drugs and aesthetic gases is found through ongoing research, saying “Anaesthesia is the art of eliminating pain.” Sezenler pointed out that anaesthesia is essential for today's painless, safe, and successful surgery. Sezenler said “the common goal of the entire anaesthesia community is to have operations in which patient safety is the highest and morbidity and mortality the lowest.

Last updated: 23-10-2018