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CIU Academic said Pre-School Teacher Candidates need more training on Child Abuse

Bengü Berkmen, the academic of the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Program, Department of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University (CIU) said preschool teacher candidates need more training on the detection of emotional neglect and abuse and how to follow it. Bengü Berkmen emphasized that the importance has to be given to child abuse just like in every field which was studied individually with children and she added that preschool teacher candidates should take more courses on child abuse during their education.

Berkman pointed out that child abuse has becoming an important social issue and it can be defined as inhibition and restriction of development of all kinds of behaviour of a child by parents or care takers.

Bengü Berkmen noted that candidates showed some differences compared to the grade levels they attended in their study on "Investigation of Knowledge and Awareness Levels of Emotional Neglect/Abuse of Preschool Teacher Candidates."

According to the results of the study conducted with 212 preschool teacher candidates, Berkmen explained that the level of information and awareness of emotional neglect/abuse of male candidates is lower than the female candidates and the results of the study indicated that the school is the most important place after the family in the life of a child.

Bengü Berkmen's study on the "Examination of Levels of Knowledge and Awareness for Emotional Neglect/Abuse of Preschool Teacher Candidates" was presented at the 8th World Conference on Educational Sciences held in Madrid and it was published in an International Journal of Educational Sciences recently.

Last updated: 20-02-2018