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A CIU Academic said July 20th, 1974 is a New Page that is Opened for the Freedom of the Turkish Cypriot Society

Assist. Prof. Dr. Yurdal Cihangir, a Lecturer of the Department of Turkish Language Teaching, Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University (CIU) made explanations about the 44th year of the Turkish Cypriot Peace and Freedom Operation.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Yurdal Cihangir said that there are challenges in national history of every society in order to maintain its existence and gain and protect its freedom and he stated that July 20th, 1974 is a new page for the freedom of the Turkish Cypriot community.

Cihangir stated that, as a result of the activities of the Greeks started on April 1, 1955, Turkish society experienced a great internal migration. Cihangir stated that this situation lasted until 1960 and with the London and Zurich agreements in 1960, the Republic of Cyprus was established. Cihangir stated that the Greek Cypriots had different expectations with this agreement and aimed to put into practice their Enosis dreams. He said that the Greek Cypriots stepped into the action on December 21, 1963 and started attacking against the Turkish people again.

Cihangir mentioned that The Turkish community are not unconcerned the attacks of the Greeks against them and they were attempted to protect themselves and they put back the ideals of the Greeks and they sustained this self-scarifying resistance for 11 years.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Cihangir stated that July 15th, 1974 the Greek coup attempt posed a great danger for the Turkish Cypriots, thus Turkey used its rights recognized in the framework of treaties as a guarantor state and it was decided to do the necessary intervention to the island alone.

Cihangir stated that the Turkish soldiers started to go out to the island on July 20th, 1974 and he said that the Atilla Line went live. Cihangir stated that the Turkish Cypriots have a free and bordered governance.

Last updated: 23-07-2018