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CIU Academic Recommends that investors should follow New Perspectives in the Financial Decision-Making Process.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Tuğberk Kaya from the Department of Management Information Systems, School of Applied Sciences, Cyprus International University (CIU), who is a member of an international project on "the Shaping Options in the Financial Decision Making", emphasized the importance of adopting new perspectives by international investors in Cyprus and Turkey during the financial decision-making processes. 

Kaya stated that the project analyzed how the brain is affected by internal and external factors in the decision-making process as part of the project, and he explained that they are trying to determine how they invest or what faulty decisions they have taken. Kaya pointed out that poor investments can be prevented. Kaya said that they examined the impact of counterfeit news and social networks on investor behaviour in our time. He said that they analyzed how the brain works and they warned the investors in the light of clear information whether they follow the right way or not, by means of the artificial brain created.

He pointed out that today's investment decisions are on particularly fragile ground. Kaya suggested that investors in Cyprus and Turkey should adopt new perspectives in the financial decision making process. Kaya added that investment decisions taken within the scope of the right data will have a positive contribution on the countrys’ economy.

Kaya said that he had had Co-ordination meetings with Dr. Burak Erkut from the Dresden University of Technology, who is also involved in the project, and he said that they completed the neurological studies of the project. He also mentioned that the results will be announced at an international symposium soon. Kaya said that during his research visit, Erkut will be a guest lecturer of the School of Applied Sciences at CIU and will teach students of the department.

Last updated: 10-01-2019